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  • Are You The One?

    1. Are you called to leadership development? 2. Do you have a unique vision to help other people succeed? 3. Are you called to lead, train or develop others?

  • What Happens When........

    4. What happens when Christians are given platforms, positions, and authority from man without proper true processing and development according to Biblical principles? 5. What happens when we use a cross-less Christ system of leadership development? 6. What happens when preparation for spiritual warfare is not apart of a Christian leader’s development? 7. What happens when Christian leaders are not properly prepared to lead?

  • You Will Learn..........

    In Module II: The Makings Of A Great Leader, we explore how God Processes, Prepares and Positions a Spirit-led Leader. You will learn what you need to do to prepare to lead and to lead, develop and train others God's way. FREE DOWNLOADABLE WORKBOOK INCLUDED

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Message From Your Instructor
    • A Message From Your Instructor
    • The Makings Of A Great Leader Workbook
    • Spiritual Gifts Survey
  • 2
    • Module 2: Part 1
    • Assignment: 1
    • Assignment 2: Saul versus David READ: I Samuel 13, I Samuel 15, I Samuel 16, I Samuel 17 & I Samuel 18
    • The Spirit of Pride Lecture
    • The Pain Of Being Purposed
    • Assignment 3:
    • Module 2: Part II
    • Assignment 4
    • Module II: Part 1 Section 2
    • Assignment 5
    • Message From Instructor
    • Prophetic Accuracy Part 1
    • Prophetic Utterances
    • Prophetic Insight
    • Prophetic Accuracy Part II
    • Divine Opposition
    • Module II: Part III
    • Exit Survey