• You Will Learn....

    A therapeutic Christ-centered approach to address mental illness

  • Included In The Training......

    Treatment planning Clinical notes and documentation Principles Implementation Resources Worksheets to hand out to the counselee Sample forms and documents Meditation scriptures

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Training: Christian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • A message from your instructor
    • Course Syllabus FREE PREVIEW
    • Christian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Adult Treatment Planner
    • Unhealthy Thinking Patterns
    • Socratic Questions
    • Attacking Fear With Faith Worksheet 2
    • Sample Attacking Fear With Faith
    • Resources Treatment Plan
    • Sample treatment plan: measurable versus non measurable goals
    • Complex treatment plan sample
    • Case Discussion: Susan
    • Discussion Question 1: Social Anxiety
    • Discussion 2: Panic Attacks
    • Discussion 3:
    • Discussion 4:
    • Group Discussion
    • Faith Based Meditation Article
    • Questions: (Post your questions here)
    • End Of Course Survey
    • Final Instructions